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PYE: Defining White
Credit: Project of pill & pillow
Creative direction & development: pill & pillow
Design: Anna Tsang
01 — INTRO
PYE celebrates 30th anniversary

Among the broad range of products, the white shirt remains as PYE’s signature that stands the test of time. To celebrate PYE’s 30th anniversary, we created an online campaign that revolves around the idea of ‘white’.

Crowdsourcing ideas about ‘white’

‘What does white mean to you?’ That is the question we ask on the campaign site. We prepared 30 different images and invite people to choose and define one of the ‘whites’.

We collected more than 1000 ideas in 30 days

Each day, for 30 days, PYE selected its favourite definition of white, with the winning participants receiving an exclusive gift for their participation.

Karmuel Young